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Antonio Poggi
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Hello Omniscope users, here is a quick demo on how to build an interactive dashboard displaying a cryptocurrency price / value (in USD) using the free CryptoCompare API with Omniscope.

The project is attached at the bottom of this post, but if you are curious to read through, you'll find the step on how to build this simple dashboard.

I have started my project by adding a File block on the Omniscope Workflow pointing it to the CryptoCompare REST API URL, returning results in JSON format

As you can see from the image below, the File block is configured to point to a URL location, the full URL address is the CryptoCompare URL :

In this example I am retrieving info about the Ethereum ( ETH ) token price in USD, aggregating the price every 6 hours, limiting the data points to 120, extracting the price from the Kraken exchange.

The file block is then configured to accept the JSON format with the defined rules to extract the records and fields from the JSON data structure.

(N.b. to have Omniscope parsing JSON correctly please follow the instructions in the Instructions tab, to find out how to write path based rules).

Then I have connected the File block to a Field organiser block, where I add a formula field to compute the Date from the Unix "time" values returned by the CryptoCompare API.

Finally I have connected the field organiser block to the Report block.

I have just added a Line view with multiple measures, the first of which I want to display as bars, and the rest as lines. I have also configured the line view to split by date with 1 day histogram interval.

The result is a simple dashboard that I can share, refresh when needed, and use it to display the last 30 days of ETHUSD price. volume, daily low / high / close values.


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