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Posted over 5 years ago by Guillem Segura

Guillem Segura

Today we release a new feature that allows everyone to share their own custom visualisations, enriching the default Omniscope core charts set. This means you can create a custom view from any fancy visualisation on the internet e.g. D3.js, Highcharts, Google Charts, etc., and share it with the  Omniscope users' community. 

What's more - when fully integrated, these new visualisations will behave like Omniscope's native views, allowing filtering, selection, brushing and interaction with other charts on the tab.

Where can I see the new views?

When you are adding a new view to the report, you may notice that the menu shows a set of views with an arrow/upload icon. These are the custom views from the gallery, that you can add to your file. To begin with, we've added 6 new views: bubble chart, calendar, France choropleth map, KPI view, Venn diagram and beeswarm plot. 

The list will grow, as more people create and share their visualisations. 

How do I contribute?

If you wanted to contribute to the Omniscope community, you could do so by going to the GitHub repository and making a request to publish your beautiful custom view. 

We will then check that it has all it needs, and it will be ready to go. If accepted - it will appear in the view palette in Omniscope. 

A full list of requirements can be found in this page and a detailed tutorial on how to create a custom view here.

In case a view has some problems or bugs, any user can fix these or improve the design. This will result in a new view version available.

Behind the scenes

We have created a repository for anyone to contribute. Omniscope will fetch the list of views and add them to the view palette. Once a view is installed in a file, you will also find it in the View Designer, so if you aren't scared of coding, you can customise the view for your own needs. 

We also keep a version number of the gallery views, so if there is a new version, it will be available to install. Just for your peace of mind, old installed views won't be updated, in case the new configuration isn't supported.

If you still have questions, please drop a comment below or write to us at support[@]

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