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Posted about 5 years ago by Paola Tomei

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Useful feature: if you wanted to allow recipients of your report to skip to another tab that contains in-depth information about a particular topic you can achieve this by creating tab links inside the Content view.

First step: design various tabs that your audience will be able to explore.

Add a Content view on one or more tabs where you want to add the linking option.  You will have to use Markup text that will look something like this:

### [Goals scored - World Cup comparison]

Hashtags are used to control the font size (not terribly elegant, but don't worry - replacement is coming soon!). One hashtag is used for larger font, add more to reduce the size.

In the square bracket create the link display text, while in the regular brackets "(link text)"add the link to the target tab.

To generate a link to the Tab named "Bars" in our example, you will need to open the Report Settings >Share option>Sharing link

Copy a link created on this page and open it in a browser. Pick the desired tab and copy the link that now appears in your browser e.g. 

This link will contain "/r/" and should end with the target tab name.

This is the link you should insert between the brackets.

Finally - test that your links work.

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