Mac OSX: Installing 2020.2 builds

Starting from 2020.2 builds on MAC OSX you would need to manually trust the application from OSX System preferences.

NOTE: Any previous builds prior to 2020.2 onwards i.e. 2020.1 b20848 etc are unaffected by this change.


  1. First download the bundle from our website.

  2. Follow instructions as documented here to install Omniscope on Mac.

  3. When you attempt to launch the application you will see the following.

  4. Go to System Preferences and then go to Security & Privacy.

  5. Click on “Open Anyway” to start Omniscope.
    Note: You only need to do this once per-installation.


If this does not fix the problem you may need to run the following command on the terminal:

xattr -cr /Applications/Visokio\

You can more permanently do this the download itself by running: 

xattr -cr Downloads/VisokioOmniscope-Mac.tgz or xattr -cr Downloads/VisokioOmniscope.dmg

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