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Posted about 4 years ago by Mustafa Hafeez

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Mustafa Hafeez
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In Omniscope Evo you can now copy/paste parts of the Report configuration between different tabs and reports.

All the different types of configurations can be copied to and from: 

  1. Reports within the same project.
  2. Reports in different Projects.
  3. Different machines (i.e. copying configuration from your production server to your local server).

Copy/paste operation currently works only across the same Evo version. This means that both the server you copied the configuration from, and the pasting destination need to be on the same version.


Report tabs can be copied from the three dots menu and clicking on "Copy current tab". 

Paste is on the "Add tab" button or available via paste keyboard shortcut (Ctrl + V / Command + V).

Report styles

The copy/paste report styles buttons are available from the settings side panel and also from the Report styles dialog. 

You can also paste style via keyboard shortcut (Ctrl + V / Command + V). NOTE: Report font is not part of the copy/paste configuration. 

Views (charts/visualisations)

Individually views can also be copied. To copy - select a target view, then from three dots click on "Copy view". 

You can paste it either as a new view (available from the Add view menu). If you wish to replace an existing view with the copied view, select the chart you want to replace, and then and click on the "Paste view" from  the three dots menu.

Field options

If your report connects several data sources that share the same field e.g. [Company name] and you spent time allocating colours/shapes for each company name, you do not have to replicate the exercise for each of the datasets in that report. 

You can copy/paste field options between different fields. Copy/paste buttons are available from the side panel by clicking on the three dots next to the field name (and also from the field styles tab inside from Report settings dialog).

NOTE: For text fields settings will only be copy/pasted for matching values.

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