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Posted almost 4 years ago by Antonio Poggi

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Antonio Poggi
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Say you have a Report and you want to automate printing to PDF (rather than manually print from your browser), and even further you want to print different variants of it, by exploiting a multi-tenant configuration, so to generate a PDF file per user / scenario / subset of data.


In Omniscope you'll find a community custom block, called "Report to PDF batch output" that produces a PDF file of a Report tab for each multi-tenant configuration row.

The first step is to connect a Multi-tenant report configuration to the block with the "scenario" field configured (more info in this article).


Make sure the Report you want to print to PDF is configured with the same Multi-tenant report configuration.

Then set the base Report URL pointing to the tab you want to print as PDF (copy it from your browser address bar or from the Report Sharing dialog). Typically it looks like http: //

The block comes with several options, e.g. to decide where to save the PDF files, with filenames equal to the Report name + scenario ID, or to control how long to wait for the page to load before printing to PDF.

Here's an example configuration:

Once executed, the block will save the PDF files in the specified output folder. You'll find the file paths + the URL of the generated PDFs in the block Data tab, one file per row.

The custom block requires Python installed on your machine, as it leverages the browser in headless mode to print the report as PDF.

We recommend this functionality when your Report tab/page is designed with "Multi-page" fixed size layout, e.g. A4.

If instead you are looking to generate screenshots of web-pages / dashboards etc, there's another custom block for that, called Web Image-PDF output

Please comment if you need further help to configure this.

N.B. Data driven batch publishing of reports as images / PDFs, etc. requires an Enterprise licence / plan.

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