Enhancements to Validate Data, Batch Output, and the Email Output block

Posted almost 4 years ago by Steve Spencer

Steve Spencer
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Today we're proud to announce these new workflow features to the latest daily build of Omniscope Evo.

Validate Data block

This existing block has been enhanced, adding a Reset to input button in the Schema validation section, which auto-creates rules to match the current schema of the input data, thus failing or warning if the input data sees new fields, loses fields, or has fields rename or change data type.

We've also added a Record count validation section, letting you define a minimum and/or maximum number of records that are considered valid in the entire data flowing through the block. For example you might want to fail if no data is produced, or vice versa in specialist cases (perhaps in combination with a Join block configured for an "non-inner outer" join), or expect a specific number of records, or a range of acceptable record counts.

And a new 2nd output Problems has been added, a new data feed out of the block, containing metadata about all problems found relating to schema, cell value and record count validation. This lets you consume validation problems as raw data, for example filtering and aggregating them, and using the new Email Output block to send more detailed reports, or displaying them in your dashboards.

For more details on using the Validate Data block, see our knowledge base article.

Email Output block

A new output block which sends an email when executed. The input data can be included as an inline table in the email body, or as a file attachment.

Batch Output block

The Batch Output block has been expanded to include support for sending emails using the "Email" output type in the configuration data, with additional "Email from", "Email subject" (etc.) columns to configure the action. This is the batch equivalent of using the Email Output block.

Note that both this and the Email Output block require you to configure an email delivery service (SMTP server) such as Sendgrid in the Admin, Email settings for Omniscope Evo.

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