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We have now added a Salesforce connector block and a Salesforce output block to Omniscope Evo. These are available in the latest daily build (2020.3 b20975). Both blocks work in the same way as the equivalent blocks in Omniscope Classic, so if you were previously an Omniscope classic user, you can continue working with your Salesforce data in exactly the same way in Omniscope Evo.

In the future we would like to enhance both of these connectors. If you encounter any problems or have any feedback please get in touch.

Salesforce connector

The Salesforce connector block allows you to import your Salesforce data into Omniscope. 

Enter your Salesforce credentials and click the "Connect" button. If your credentials were valid you can now select a table or write a custom SOQL statement.

Salesforce output

The Salesforce output block allows you to export your workflow data to Salesforce.

Enter your Salesforce credentials and click the "Connect" button. After your credentials have been validated you can select the table you want to export your data to. Before exporting please ensure you select the correct Publish method and read the disclaimer. If in doubt it may be worthwhile setting up a test environment before publishing to production.

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