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New ForEach Community block

In a recent forum post we explored how it is possible to leverage the custom block and the scheduler to execute a sequence of actions. We are pleased to announce that there is a now a much simpler way to achieve the same goal via the new ForEach community block.

You can find the ForEach block in the community section of the block picker in data manager. You will need a python interpreter installed on your system for the ForEach block to work.

Once the block has been added to the workflow you will need to configure it by specifying the url of the (possibly remote) iox file to execute, as well as which of the input fields constitute the parameters. Each selected field must have the same name as a parameter in the target iox file. For each input record, the block will update the project parameters on the target iox file, and start a workflow execution.

The ForEach block uses Workflow REST Apis to update parameters and execute the workflow. You can find more information about Workflow REST Apis here.  

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