Setting up email output block with gmail and two-factor authentication

Posted almost 4 years ago by Manuel Pagliai

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Manuel Pagliai

Omniscope EVO allows you to send email as part of the workflow execution via the email output block and batch output block.

This post will illustrate how set up Omniscope to send email using a gmail account.

In the admin app click on the Email section:

Mail Server Host:

Mail Server Port: 465

Check both Use SSL and Use TLS

As Username type your own email address and  type your password for your email account the password field.

If your account is setup to have two-factor authentication the password you use to login into your gmail account will not work. Instead you will need to generate an app specific password. Instructions on how to create an app specific password can be found here.

Once your account has been setup, you can send email using Omniscope by setting your email in the from address field of the Email output block:


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