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Posted over 3 years ago by Chris Plastow

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We are aware that a number of users are having problems using Yahoo mail with the Email input/Email output blocks. This is because in most modern email systems you cannot use your account password in a 3rd party product. Instead you typically need to either specifically enable 3rd party access, which is not recommended, or generate an app-specific password.

If you're using Google mail we recently wrote about how to setup an app-specific password. You can view it here.

The setup process in Yahoo is very similar. First, you need to go to and create an app password. When prompted for an application type, it shouldn't matter however when we tested we selected Desktop email.

Once you've set this up Yahoo will provide you with a password to use. Make a note of this before closing the dialog, as you won't be able to see it again. You can revoke this password at any time by clicking on Manage app passwords and removing.

Now open Omniscope, select Admin > Email and enter the following settings:

Server Address:

Username: Your yahoo address (e.g.

Password: Your Yahoo app password.

Port Number: 465 (With SSL)

Alternative Port Number: 587 (With TLS)

Click Save and restart your server. You can test that you have entered the correct settings by adding an Email output block to any workflow. You will only need to configure the 'To' address and 'Subject', as at the moment the Email output block always uses the Server email settings (although we do plan to add a custom option shortly). You can also un-tick 'Include data attachment' if you just want to test the functionality.

Now click execute, and your email should be sent successfully.

Most online accounts will require you to do something like the above. You may still be able to use your account password, although generally this is not recommended and you may need to opt-in to do so.

Let us know if you are experiencing problems using the Omniscope email or output blocks, or if you have any questions or ideas. All feedback is welcome!


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