Advisory regarding running Omniscope as a Windows Service

Posted over 3 years ago by Mustafa Hafeez

Mustafa Hafeez
Mustafa Hafeez Admin

Only relevant for existing installation of Omniscope which are running as Windows service. If you install Omniscope on a fresh machine using build 21054 or later you do not need worry, as these changes are now part of the default wrapper.conf which is bundled with the installer.

If you are running Omniscope as a Windows service you would need to make sure your wrapper.conf located inside the service folder in the installation directory is updated to ensure it has the following setting. 

  1. Stop the Omniscope windows service from Services application on your Windows machine.

  2. Open the wrapper.conf in notepad.

  3. Edit the properties to include the following.

    NOTE: The properties have a number which is incremented for each new property i.e. if you already have then the next one will be

    New property that needs to be added:

  4. Save the wrapper.conf.

  5. Restart the Windows service.

If you are using a build later than 2020.4 b21046 you would need to also add the following additional properties:,CLDR,SPI

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