Advisory regarding updating Omniscope to 2021.1

Posted over 3 years ago by Steve Spencer

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Steve Spencer
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The upgrade from Omniscope 2020.3 ROCK to 2021.1 ROCK includes an upgrade to the version of Java that Omniscope uses and bundles (Java 8 to Java 11). For some deployments this requires some configuration changes.

(Note: if using daily builds, the changes here were introduced in 2020.4 b21046).

Windows installations using custom BAT files to launch the app (unusual)

Without this change, you may see warnings such as:

This is because your .BAT file, which is not under Visokio or Omniscope's control, needs updating. 

The file will typically contain the following arguments (all on one line) that are no longer required. You should remove these:

  • -XX:MinHeapFreeRatio=20 
  • -XX:MaxHeapFreeRatio=50

You should add (in the same position in the line / after "-XX:+UseG1GC", also all on one line):

  • -XX:MaxGCPauseMillis=500 
  • -Djava.locale.providers=COMPAT,CLDR,SPI 
  • --add-opens=java.desktop/java.awt=ALL-UNNAMED 
  • --add-opens=java.desktop/javax.swing=ALL-UNNAMED 
  • --add-opens=java.desktop/sun.swing=ALL-UNNAMED 
  • --add-opens=java.base/
  • --add-opens=java.desktop/
  • --illegal-access=permit

Windows installations running Omniscope as a Windows service

A similar problem arises with the Windows service, configured using the "wrapper.conf" file inside the "service" folder within the Omniscope installation folder. Here you may have customised "wrapper.conf", and when you upgrade, Omniscope preserves your changes, and will not replace it with a pristine and updated wrapper.conf. Instead you should consult "default-wrapper.conf" for the latest default configuration after installation, and update your customised wrapper.conf.

The "" set of properties in the wrapper.conf should look like:


Linux installations

On linux, you typically edit to customise memory allocation, and when upgrading via a TGZ extract, you have to manually preserve your customised file when replacing the installation. You should take the latest, and reapply your customisations, which in the simplest case will be the "-Xmx" argument, but check for other customisations, which you should document using a comment in the script for your future reference.

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