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How can I put an image as a background for only for one graph inside a tab?

It is straight forward to put an image as a background for one whole Tab. I would like to know how to put an image as a background for on graph inside a tab.

Hello Paulo,

There are several ways to achieve that:

1) Use the Free form page layout, which allows you to add objects as layers, one on the top of the other. You can add an image object, and a view on the top of it, and play with view background colour transparency settings (e.g. setting the alpha to 0) to allow the background image to appear behind the view object.  

N.B. it's useful to set the page layout to "Fixed size" to make sure the image and the view on top are always shown at the same point for best alignment.

2) In some views (e.g. the Map View) there's a "image" layer.

Here's an example of both things: 

Hi Antonio, thanks for the info but as far as I understood you are describing a way to put one image as a background of a whole tab or page. My question is how can I put different images as the background of different graphs inside one tab

Hello Paulo,

As I described in 1) with the Free form layout you can add as many images as you want and then add views on the top of them. 

I understand there is no specific "Set View Image background" setting in all views, at the moment only the Map View supports an "image" layer, so in the meantime to obtain a view background you can add images as objects using the Free form layout and lay views / graphs on the top of those images.

I will check with the team whether adding a view background image setting in all views is something feasible that we can implement quickly.


Thank you very much. Now we understood how to use the free form to create the background images. Paulo

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