Advisory: Accessing special folders on Mac OS

Posted about 3 years ago by Mustafa Hafeez

Mustafa Hafeez
Mustafa Hafeez Admin

In Mac OS if you are using Omniscope to access special folders (such as Desktop or Documents) Omniscope will not be able to access those locations.

In order for Omniscope to be able to access those folders you would need to give Omniscope access permissions in Security & Privacy settings.

  1. Close Omniscope if it is already running. Make sure you exit it from the menu.
  2. Open Preferences and then go to Security & Privacy.
  3. Go to Privacy tab.
  4. Go to Full Disk Access.
  5. Click + button and add Omniscope to the list. You may need to click the "Lock" icon on the bottom left-hand corner to make the changes.
  6. Start Omniscope, you should now be able to access Omniscope.

If you have any further problems do let us know.

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