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We are pleased to announce a couple of new features in the latest daily build (2021.2 b21162): Arrows on lines and a layer picker. Both of these are features that have been requested several times in the past. This post provides a short overview of the new functionality. As always if you have any questions or ideas please get in touch.

Arrows on lines

When you add a line layer to your Map view you can now show arrows on top of the lines. To configure, open up the layer options and tick Show arrows:

You will see an arrow on top of each line path. The direction of the arrow is determined by the line Path order field:

By default the arrow is shown in the center of the line. Alternatively you can position the arrow at equal pixel distances across the line by selecting Line spaced Placement and adjusting the spacing accordingly:

You can control the size of the arrow. Proportional sizing is proportional to the line width, so a proportional size of 5 results in an arrow 5x the line width. Fixed pixel sizing is a fixed size independent of the line width.

You can use a custom image to represent the arrow. Your image should have a transparent background and should be facing right in order that it can be rotated correctly in the map. In this example I'm using the following plane icon:

Now select Use custom image and upload the image as a project attachment.

If you only want to show the arrows you can set the line width to 0.

Layer picker

The map view supports Point, Line, Area Geo data file, Image and Video layers. You can add as many of these layers as you like. The layer picker allows an end user to toggle the visibility of these layers when viewing a report.

In this example I have 3 layers:

To enable the layer picker open the Map options, expand the Interaction section and select Show layer picker:

The layer picker should now be available in the Map interaction controls in the top-left corner:

You can decide which layers are shown here. For example if I want to exclude the Air routes layer, open the layer options and untick Show in layer picker:

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