Admin / Scheduler App improvements

Posted almost 3 years ago by Mustafa Hafeez

Mustafa Hafeez
Mustafa Hafeez Admin

Starting from build 2021.2 b21221 we have improved the behaviour for both the Admin interface (accessed when clicking the Admin link from sidebar), and the Scheduler interface.

We have added a confirmation on "Save" via checkbox to ensure that users do not accidentally apply changes to the server. This was added as applying both Scheduler / Admin changes cannot be undone.

We have also added background refresh to both Admin / Scheduler sections. This means that if you have multiple users editing the configuration then non-conflicting changes will automatically be merged, and if you are making conflicting changes you will be notified.

NOTE: The background refresh will continuously run in the background if you leave either the Admin / Scheduler configuration page open in your browser.

In regards to the Scheduler task configuration we have added more details on "Save" in terms of what has changed (tasks edited).

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