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Posted over 2 years ago by Marco van den Berg

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Marco van den Berg


For one or two of our customers we want the view menu to be visible because they think it is hidden to much for their usage.

We know we can do this by opening it for them and closing off the report and so saving this option but this is something that could be seen as a mistake by another colleague that did not know it was needed.

Instead we would like to know if it is possible to get a checkbox so that we are 100% sure even after a year or so that showing the view menu was a choice and not a mistake.

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Paola Tomei posted over 2 years ago Admin

It might be worth creating 2 versions of the same report (just duplicate the blue block), but expose the view download menu in just one of them, for those that have the permission to download report data.

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Marco van den Berg posted over 2 years ago

Hi Paola,

Ignore the errors but this is what my colleague is looking for.
So they won't get the explore mode but just want to see the option to download the data all the time.

We now have this because we turned this view on on the backside but it would be better for us if this is done via a checkbox. The absence of a checkbox can make this view below look like a mistake and another colleague would disable the view menu again without knowing that it was done on purpose.


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Paola Tomei posted over 2 years ago Admin

Hi Marco,

Perhaps you could post the 'desired state' - I assume your client wants to be able to open (or already have) 'Explore mode', so they could make edits to the charts?

You can create different user groups by managing the Permissions, to allow some users to edit, while some can 'look but not touch'. ;-)

See https://help.visokio.com/support/solutions/articles/42000036489-server-folder-permission

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