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Coloring a linetable with over 100 choices and a select choise of colours


Below a view we are currently using for one of our clients.
As you can see the colour is almost the same but we are showing 2 very different things here.

The issue is that we can only choose a couple of colours that fit their style but we do have around 100 line options.

That makes it almost impossible to select them by hand and not get situations like this.
When enabling the line label it is still hard to see which is which.

Does anyone have any good tips on how we can make tackle this?



You have 2 options:

- use layered lines (not filled area under) and colour the line labels, that are sitting next to each line and have auto-colour option ticked.

- use line with filled area under (as you have) and add a colour key. If you're layering by Measures (e.g. mean Vs max) you can pick colours by editing the measure options, as per image.

I tried the colored line option without the fill but it's still hard to see difference between the lines when the colores and lines are near. Below you can see an example.


When selecting more options it gets better:


We split by Index type and as you can see it's a really long list and we will have to choose from a limited colour scheme because that matches their own style.


If you are limited by the client's own branding demands you can try to add more hues by using an app like ColorBrewer, however even if the line colours are slightly different, you may wish to add one more view next to the Line chart, so that client can read the results through interaction.

They can click on a line and see the name highlighted in the Bar view, for example, or they pick a category bar and see where that line is (plus click on 'Keep", to see just that one).

You can see a demo embedded in our blog.

You could also choose NOT to colour the lines at all, and use interaction as a way of highlighting the category of interest.

Generally speaking - when the number of layered lines is higher than 10 - the colour is difficult to read, even for the people who are not colour-blind.

(let's not forget that proportion of your audience may not be able to distinguish the line colours at all)

Another thing

Mmm the idea of an extra view to highlight the selected line is one that could work!
The Colorbrewer is also new for me, I will share this internally, seems like a good tool and since we are more focusing on brining more calmness in our dashboards with colours this could help us out!

Thanks for the tips!

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