Hide / customise the attribution logo used when printing or embedding a Report

Posted over 2 years ago by Antonio Poggi

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Antonio Poggi
Antonio Poggi Admin

By default when printing a report as PDF or embedding it as iFrame on a website, a small Omniscope attribution appears at the bottom left side of the screen: 


If you want to hide the attribution logo, navigate to the Admin app -> General settings. You will find an option for this.


Users on the Enterprise plan have the ability to fully customise Omniscope look and feel and apply their company favourite branding.

By navigating to the Edit Branding menu (3 dots menu in the Projects page) , you will be able to upload a custom PNG image to be used as your attribution logo, that will be shown when printing or generating PDF documents, or when embedding your reports as iFrame on any website.

Here's an example showing a small Freddie silhouette on an embedded report.

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