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Titles in Pivot Tables


I was wondering if there is any way to add titles to the pivot table views. We haven't gotten the question before and for us it works fine but last week at a new client they asked us if this is possible.

We make alot of use of the hierarchys and our customers would like some extra info to make it more clear wat they are viewing. Below an example were we 7 levels of depth which can make it a little bit hard to navigate without titles.


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Hi Marco. Do you mean a static title? There is a view title setting.


Hi Steve,

I do know about that one but what I am looking for in this example is to show all the names of the columns.
Category (to the most left)


Code (to the most right)


Understood. You have multiple dimensions in the Y axis of the pivot grid, and want to label each tier. 

I think this one should go on our public Trello board as a feature request.

I will post it there!

Thanks for your help,

Thanks for the information.

I'll try this

Thanks for the information.

I'll try this

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