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How to create different rounding brackets per country - where the value is lower than the bracket limit (custom rounding up)

Hi team, 

I've got perhaps a somewhat unusual question. 

I'm trying to roundup values to a specific set of values specified in a secondary file.
I can do it by writing a calculation like

If [value field] <= 50, then 50
if [ value field] <= 100, then 100 etc. 

However, in different countries, and across different years these brackets may be different. 
So I'd like a sustainable solution that relies on actual input data as to what brackets exist, instead of hard coding these in a calculation. 
How would you solve this in omniscope? 

As example I've added an example set of 5 records with a KG value that requires grosses up, 
The specific weight brackets are the right of the example records. 


(12.4 KB)
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Here is one solution - it requires an Inequality join block (with partition on Country) - then you can join the invoice kg value with all the bracket values that are equal or higher.

(partition will ensure this is done on a per country basis)

Inequality block is a Custom block and it will require R installation, if you haven't done that already. If not - instructions are on the block's Setup tab.

Follow this with an Aggregate block, to pick the lowest Bracket value per invoice. 

Please see the demo file

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