Advisory regarding updating Omniscope to 2023.1 on Linux

Posted about 1 year ago by Steve Spencer

Steve Spencer
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Omniscope 2023.1 comes with an major update to MonetDb (version 11.43), which underpins the default data engine, responsible for providing queryable data to power the visualisations in your reports. 

On Windows and Mac, this is bundled as part of Omniscope; you do not need to upgrade MonetDb when upgrading Omniscope. 

On Linux servers, you must upgrade MonetDb at the same time as upgrading Omniscope. Failure to do that may result in performance or reliability issues when upgrading Omniscope and also when later upgrading MonetDb. You will also see warnings in the welcome + admin pages to this effect.

Updating an existing MonetDb installation on a Linux server

First, ensure Omniscope is not running. 

Then run:

sudo apt update

followed by:

sudo apt -y install monetdb5-sql=11.43.25 monetdb5-server=11.43.25 monetdb-client=11.43.25 

Then restart Omniscope. Check the welcome and admin pages for warnings.

If the apt install command fails due to the patch version (25), change the command to use the latest available (e.g. perhaps it might be 11.43.27) for all listed versions.

In rare cases, when Omniscope starts, after performing some automated updates, you might see "The data engine could not be started". In this case you should visit Admin > Data Engine & Storage and click Reset to fix it.

For further information, see the "Install Monetdb" section in the Omniscope Linux installation guide or contact for assistance.

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