Is the new Omniscope Evo (web application) backwards compatible?

Modified on Wed, 25 Sep 2019 at 01:38 PM

Omniscope Evo, the web application, is backwards compatible and will allow you to continue to use the old 2.9 (Omniscope Classic) formatted reports in several different scenarios. Once you’ve understood the benefits of the new application, you will be able to switch between the two, using them for different purposes.

The Evo download package contains both versions, so you could open at any point the old desktop application and create new/edit old iok reports in the same interface as before.

(Note - this is subject to the user having a hybrid license, which allows access to both versions)

1) You can access the desktop app from the small icon in the task tray on the Windows machines/ top of the screen on Mac, and right-click > ‘open classic’.

2) Another option is to use the data prepared and stored in an iok file as a data source in the web application, by adding it via a File input block.

3) If you wanted to upgrade an old iok, containing a complex ETL process, to the new format, you could upload the file to the projects page, then click on the 'upgrade' button next to it. The process will create an iox copy of the original iok file, that contains the ETL blocks only, and can be further edited in browser to create reports with the new visualisation library.

4) Another scenario is to use the new application for the big data processing, then pump the prepared data into an existing iok file, that contains configured visualisations.

(you may have legacy dashboards that do the job well, and wish to keep them ‘as is’, while benefiting from the better processing performance in the new Evo app)

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