If you are working with data which is gathered in a particular folder (e.g. data for Week 1, Week 2, Week 3 etc.) you can use a single Omniscope block to append the records for the whole series.

Another benefit of this approach is that every time a new file is saved in this folder a manual or scheduled data source refresh will drive the new records through the pre-defined transformation process and publish it in the desired format such as an interactive dashboard.

The block will prompt you to select a target folder, where you can use the wildcard character to pick the word in the file name OR an extension. You could for example use "Sales*" to append all files that contain the word "sales" or "*.csv" to append all csv files in the folder, regardless of their name.

NOTE: If you are working with files in Excel format and wish to extract data from only some sheets, from multiple files, you can un-tick the 'Auto detect file type' box and manually pick the file format (here Excel) and the sheets in a workbook you wish to use. (see image)

In the same dialogue you can also specify which row contains the headers with your field names and from-to record section, in case you wish to pick only rows 10-25 and ignore the rest.

It is worth noting that in the data Sources section you will also find "Append files" block, which will allow you to append multiple files from different folders.