Insights Unleashed: Your Guide to Omniscope's AI-Powered Analytics

Modified on Tue, 20 Feb 2024 at 09:28 AM

Introducing the revolutionary AI block integration in Omniscope.  The feature harnesses the power of artificial intelligence to streamline data diagnosis, provide insightful analysis suggestions, perform data transformation tasks, calculations, or create custom blocks tailored to user's specific needs.

With the AI block, Omniscope becomes more than just a tool for data visualisation and manipulation; it becomes an intelligent assistant in the analytics journey. 

What can the AI block do for me?

The AI block can :

  • diagnose your data, understanding its structure, patterns, and potential insights. 
  • offer recommendations to analysts on what types of analysis to perform, helping them uncover hidden trends, correlations and anomalies.
  • perform calculations on the dataset
  • build custom blocks to perform tailored operations - either data analysis or transformation

Here are some examples of requests the user can make to start the conversation:

- Hello, please give me an overview over my datasets.

- What useful analyses can you propose that give me more insight into my datasets?

- Please cluster my data into 5 clusters. Choose the most appropriate clustering method.

- Help me join the datasets using a common field.

- Please remove empty rows and columns

- Calculate average salary per department

This efficient method offers initial data evaluation, analysis guidance, and provide quick answers to business questions without requiring formulas or code.

But the AI block doesn't stop there. It empowers users to go beyond standard analyses by enabling the creation of custom blocks. Need to merge datasets seamlessly? Want to explore clustering algorithms for deeper insights? The AI block can generate custom blocks tailored to these tasks, saving time and effort while enhancing analytical capabilities. 

In the video the AI block is performing the join - in the same way you could ask it to perform some statistical analysis like clustering or prediction.

IMPORTANT - the AI block outputs should be checked and evaluated, to make sure the result is not a 'creative output', rather than one based on the project data and calculations.

With Omniscope's AI block integration, data analysis becomes more intuitive, efficient, and insightful than ever before. Unlock the full potential of your data and make smarter decisions with the power of AI at your fingertips.

IMPORTANT: Read in this article about the installation and setup and if you run into any issues - here is one about troubleshooting issues.

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