Grouping Multiple Operation Blocks together

Posted over 5 years ago by Yin, Yi (TYO-MBW)

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Yin, Yi (TYO-MBW)


I am new to Omniscope.  

I would like to duplicate a whole workflow as a template for future use.

Now select the whole workflow and click duplicate, instead of a duplicate of the workflow, duplicates of each block showed up linked with the previous operation block, which makes  a mess and I need to manually disconnect and relocate and regroup. 

I found the following solution to this question in the archive post :

However, I could not find the GroupStream Option following the instruction.

Is there any way that I could duplicate a whole workflow in a easier way?

FYI, I am using Omniscope 2.9 Desktop version. 

Thanks alot.

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Chris Plastow posted over 5 years ago Admin


Thanks for your question. The "Group upstream" option only works if all upstream blocks only feed into the block you are trying to group. 

One approach here would be to use the IOK file as a template. You could then use the IOK block as a source in your workflow.

It may be useful to discuss this with you further via a phone call or screen-share. Please contact if you think this would be useful.



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