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Accessing a Sharepoint URL

We're looking to move some of our processes to grab from Sharepoint's (Or Sharepoints behind Microsoft Teams file stores).

I can't seem to get the File input to work through URL although I'm guessing it might be something stupid I'm doing!

Anyone managed to do this successfully and able to point me in the right direction?



Hi Simon, 

Could it be a permissions issue? Also, have you tried mapping the sharepoint location as a drive?

Hi Mustafa,

Sorry for the delay, I've come back round to looking into this finally again.

So we have sharepoints behind teams sites and also generic sharepoint sites.

Increasingly becoming a source of data where people collaborate on a document or a dataset that we might want to pull into Omniscope.

I don't think it's a permissions issue (although 2 factor authentication could be preventing the authorisation in the background?)

Mapping the sharepoint as a drive might be possible but it's a bit of a last resort as we'd have to map a lot of sharepoints.

Or can you map the root url of the entire "active directory" sharpoint and then navigate?



Hi Simon,

Apologies for late reply. Unfortunately, Omniscope has no direct support for Sharepoint, hence was suggesting mapping it as a network drive. 

I was referring to mapping the entire Sharepoint directory (the top most folder), and then you can use it as a map drive and navigate down. This way Omniscope will see the Sharepoint directory just like any other network drive. You may find the below link helpful:

Regarding the File block, we support "URL" based retrieval (but we only support passing username/password), or using Post request (JSON).



FYI we have added a Community block to sort this out, called Sharepoint Online Downloader

It downloads a file from a Sharepoint Online site to load its content in your workflow.

Compatible with your authentication mechanism on Sharepoint Online, you just need to insert the file URL (absolute path e.g. Documents/myExcelFile.xlsx ) to download the file locally.

Once executed the block will download the file locally in a temp location, writing its path to the block output data.

You just have then to connect this block to an 'Append files' block configured to 'use file names from the upstream block' to download the file and load its content in Omniscope. 

See example

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