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Passing parameters between .iok

Is it possible to declare a parameter in a .iok file and read it in other .iok files also when the first one is closed?

I've been able to declare a parameter in a .iok file and use it in other ones but only if the first .iok is opened when the others are running.

Parameter passing is intended to allow two Omniscope files of different datasets to pass an active data selection in one Omniscope instance, to the other, as a parameter, e.g. to drive filters in a database block.

Instead perhaps you can use one IOK file as a data source in another IOK file, and filter the data by using a join/merge block?

In particular, I'd like to create a .iok file with some global parameters (like IP address of DB servers I need to connect to, users, ...) and distribute and use these parameters in all the others .iok files (where these connections are used).

In this way if I have to change one of these parameters I do not need to modify all the .iok files where they are used but only the one where they are declared.

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We intend to support this use case using bookmarks, which we'll develop soon for Omniscope 2019.

Hi Steve and Enrico,

Indeed we have similar requirement. Bookmarks in current form in 2.9 dont cater for changing of DB servers once they are added to Datamanager canvas (see so this functionality you speak of Steve will need to be different from what is available in 2.9 if it will work for Enrico and us.

Thank you,


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