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Input switch in batch update

Is it possible to change the configuration of an input switch in a .iok file during a batch execution of a scheduled update? 

More precisely, I have a sequence of .iok files that should be scheduled weekly with information updated to last friday and monthly with the same informations updated to the last end of month.

I'd like to schedule both executions on the appropriate dataset without duplicating all the .iok files.

I was thinking about using the input switch to change input dataset (from SQL Server DB) depending on weekly/monthly execution.

Is there some other possibility to do this?

Am I right in assuming that all your data is in a database, and all you trying to do is bring in data for X days into Omniscope? For example, you would like to bring in data for 7 days, 14 days, 30 days etc while keeping your existing view configurations?


you're right: data are in a SQL DB.

When I run the weekly update I'd like to bring in only data of the last week before execution date and in the monthly run I'd like to import data of the whole previous month (considering execution date).

(I think that the problem to solve is how to distinguish automatically in the .iok file if the current one is a weekly execution or a monthly execution and import the corresponding data).


Assuming you are using Omniscope 2.9. You can achieve this using "DataManager" parameters (see here for more information).

The basic idea being that you would define "Parameters" within the DataManager, and then use them inside your DB block as custom sql to control what data you want to bring.

You can then set this parameter value through Scheduler using Set DataManager parameter value.

If you need further help let us know. You may also find this example useful.

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