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Posted over 4 years ago by Luuk

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I want to output data into a single cell txt file.
(This screen above is from the File input block.)

In the file output block I now have the following settings:


I've set it to delimited text for now since I can't find the single cell text file option and changed the extension in the path section to .txt:


I don't know if the above situation will be stable at all time;  So if I want to output the data into an .txt file; which setting would you advice me to take?


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Steve Spencer

Steve Spencer posted over 4 years ago Admin

Hi Luuk

I took the liberty of converting your ticket into a forum question, since it did not contain any sensitive information, and can benefit others.

The "Text as a single cell" format only exists as a source. We don't provide it as an output, since it's of very limited use; it would only work for a 1x1 table of data.

However if you do have a 1x1 table of data (a single cell) and you wish to export the single cell's content to a txt file, you can use the Delimited output option as follows:

  1. Add a File block
  2. Configure the file you want to export
  3. Change "File type to use" to "Delimited text"
  4. The filename may have been automatically updated to have a ".csv" extension; if you don't want this, go back and change the filename from (2) to ".txt", for example.
  5. Untick "Include header"
  6. Clear the "Cell quote character" field
  7. Tick "Allow illegal".

For example, here is a File input block linked to a File output block, recreating the same file contents:


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