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Posted over 4 years ago by Pawan Misra

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Pawan Misra

Hi there - using Omniscope Evo with a server running on ubuntu. Some questions: 

1. When looking at the "admin" portal, I see a message advising me that the version of MonetDB is wrong. I'm running a newer version than what's recommended -- v. 11.33.3 from April 2019 rather than the recommended v11.29.7 from Mar2018-SP1. I installed the running version using apt-get. Q: Should I be worried about this? if so, how would I even get the older version, and would installing the older version blow away the files I have created so far? 

2. Backups -- any way to setup an automated (cron or other) job that does daily backups? Is all the data in MonetDB? If so, can it be backed up and restored using CLI commands? 

3. When starting up a browser on a remote machine it requires me to authenticate by generating a 4-digit pin (which can only be done from a local browser). Any way to avoid this? Can I permission all remote browsers and avoid the pin generation requirement? Thanks.

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Manuel Pagliai posted over 4 years ago

Hello Pawan,


A few things to keep in mind when using non recommended version of monetdb:


(I) The first time omniscope starts after the update, it might takes an unusual long time, as the tables have to be converted to the new monetdb table format.

(II) Once you upgraded, you are not guaranteed to be able to go back to a previous version of monetdb without losing your monetdb tables (you might need to re-execute the workflows).

(III) If see an error saying "Data engine not initialised correctly" there might be a compatibility issue between Omniscope and monetdb.

(IV) We do extensive testing before bundling a new version of monetdb. That is to make sure that all the queries generated by Omniscope produce the expected results.

            Using a non recommended version is usually fine, however there might be cases where you might see unexpected results (in advanced scenarios).

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Steve Spencer

Steve Spencer posted over 4 years ago Admin

Hi Pawan, 

I took the liberty of converting this to a forum discussion for others to see.

1. We'll get back to you shortly with more about the risks of using a newer version of MonetDB, although I don't expect it to be a serious issue. We're in the process of testing the latest version of MonetDB (Nov 2019) so this problem should be resolved shortly.

2. Data is stored in two places: (a) in the folder adjacent to the Filename.iox project file. This is essentially IOD file(s) containing raw execution output, and supports rebuilding the Monetdb tables; (b) in MonetDB itself; this is in MonetDB columnar format suitable for querying, but does not guarantee forward/backward compatibility.

Hence (a) means you can always rebuild the MonetDB tables from the .data folders; the Admin app provides a means to manage this if not handled automatically. Worst case, you can simply delete the Monetdb dbfarm folder (see below for location) then restart Omniscope, and next time the report is opened, its data will be rebuilt automatically.

For backups you should manage this simply using filesystem backup (rsync, or similar) of the sharing folder and server configurations, typically:

[USERHOME]/omniscope-server/ (everything - including server config - but you can exclude logs)

[USERHOME]/omniscope-server/files/  (or just the sharing folder, default location)

and the monetdb data and other app-wide data:

On Windows, C:\Users\[USER]\AppData\Local\Visokio\

On Linux/Mac: [USERHOME]/.visokioappdata

3. You're using the unrestricted/non-permissioned desktop experience on port 24679, where PIN based sharing is intended as a simple way to pass a desktop user's session across to e.g. a local iPad or a colleague. 

You should instead open the Admin app and enable web server in networking. You'll typically use port 80/443 or a >1024 equivalent, and will have server-managed folder permissions in effect.

I'm happy to get on a call to sort this out if you're still stuck with any of this - ping us a reply on the original ticket if needed.



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