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Is there a way that I can build plotly chart in Visokio?

I am using Sankey chart in Visokio, but it only provides start and end layers, Plotly Sankey chart can have many layers and loops, I am wondering if I can use custom view block to build plotly Sankey chart into a custom view?


BTW, I know Visokio Sankey chart can build layers by a set of Sankey charts e.g. one chart from column a to b, another from column b to c, but it can’t do loops, right?

Hello Zhao,
Yes loops are possible in the Omniscope Sankey View , here's an example : 

Regarding Plotly, sure you can have a custom view leveraging Plotly library.
I don't have an article about Plotly, but here's one on how to build a custom view using a different library (Google Charts) : 

You can find some inspiration there.

Thank you so much, Antonio!

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