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Permissions - read only+refresh

Would it be possible to set the permissions so that a group would be able to do only those both 2 things :

·  Read only a report


·  Refresh data from source


But this group must not see the workflow.


I said “NO” to all except “YES” for those both :

·  Shared report viewer

·  Workflow execution via APIs

But refresh is not possible.


I assume you mean there is no "Refresh" button visible? Currently the "Refresh" button only appears when the "Report" is open through Workflow app, and not when the report is opened through the sharing URL. 

What you need I believe is add the Worfklow Execution custom view from the Add view menu into your Report, and then configure the settings of the View to include which blocks you want to execute.

If you are still having problems let me know.

Hello Mustafa,

No I meant : have permissions for read only + refresh like in this menu :


But if there another way to refresh for a "read only", it is OK.

I just did not find the way to do that.

Thanks for your help Mustafa.


That button you highlighted is only visible when running Report through workflow. You need to for now use the "Custom view" as mentioned above to allow refresh of "Report" for non-editors.

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I am afraid I do not understand when you say "only visible when running Report through workflow"  this button is directly available inside the Report. It would be great, as  it is possible in permissions for "Export data", to have a permission for "Refresh data" :


The custom view can do the job but the problem is that for really big workflow, we have to write all the bloc names separated with comma. .. without forgetting any and without making a typing mistake. It can take a really long time :


for example with this type of big workflow.




You only need to include Report block name in the text box.

If you are still confused, we can do a screenshare at some point later on today.

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Update in the next Rock build 2021.1 we have added ability to "Refresh data" when viewing external Report - controlled by "Shared report data refresh" permission.

From 2022.1 Rock build - you can now also set within the Report to auto-refresh on open. See Report Settings > Global tab > Auto-refresh section.

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