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Confuguring LDAP authentication, based on OpenLDAP


We're having trouble configuring LDAP authentication. We're based on OpenLdap :

Is there anybody already using an OpenLDAP authentication that could tell us if the configuration went well ? Or what kind of issue you've been through and how you resolved them ?

Thanks for  sharing your informations.



FYI Sara, you should be able to see in the Omniscope logs the errors returned by LDAP when a query to identify a user fails because of a misconfiguration or server error. 

The log file is  called service_mobilewebapp_log, find it in the Admin -> Logs section

It typically contains error starting with "Unexpected error while connecting to LDAP server: "

explaining the cause of the error where possible, which is often related to a wrongly spelled or configured DN Distinguished Name

Hope this can help


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