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Customize a Mapbox map for Omniscope


I need to show some companies on a map and to see if they are close to a railways/railway stations.

So in Omniscope I need to use my own map and previously to customize it in Mapbox.

I am looking for someone who knows how to use Mapbox.

I've created a background map in Mapbox and set the railroad tracks to be visible from a zoom of 0 to 22 (I know that's wide, but I'd like to make sure I see them). However, the railroads are only visible from zoom 13 (I tried other zooms but nothing helps).

I'd like to see the railways at least with a zoom of 5+.

Someone can say what's wrong with my settings (see attached images).

Thanks for your help.

(156 KB)
(344 KB)
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Hello Magali, just checking you managed to solve this?

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