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Posted about 2 years ago by Januka Peiris

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Januka Peiris


Is there a way I can refresh only new data? 


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Antonio Poggi

Antonio Poggi posted about 2 years ago Admin

Short answer: yes, either using a DB Output + Input block in Live query mode, or a Storage Block.

DB Table

Is your source a Database Table and the data already being appended and written to a table?
In this case you could set up a Database Source block in Live query mode directly connected to a Report block

 with the Data change detection in auto-refresh or auto-detect mode

This way you report will always show the fresh data,  and you could also control what data to display by setting a custom query.
For example deciding to show always the most recent window of data 

Storage Block

Otherwise, for incremental loading of data coming from different sources, you can use a Storage block in append mode, so to write new data to the same Storage table, and use the same Storage Table as input of a Report to visualise old + new data, always the latest version.
Data is queryable by the time the is written / appended. N.B. the Storage block is shared with all projects on the installations

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