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Compairng different locations in 1 page

Hello everyone,

For one of our clients i'm looking into giving them a page where they can make a selection out of all their locations and compare it with another selection out of all the same locations.

So far I've derived 2 sources from a main source to make it possible to select some locations in filter A and some other in location B and being able to see the values of each selection. It doesn't matter if they select 1 in A and 20 in B or 27 in A vs 120 in B. We are showing the averages.

Where I am struggling is that I would like to compare them and for example show the difference in absolute amount and percent wise and I have yet to find a solution for this.

Is there anyone that has done a similair action that can shed some light on how to do so?

Kind regards,

Hi Marco,

Would you be able to post a data sample or an image of the desired result, to make sure there are no misunderstandings in terms of your requirements? 


Hi Paola,

Below a quick draft of what I am working with.
As you can see on the left I've got 1 location number selected and on the right 3 to compare.

Now I am using different sources for the views but that does not allow me to show the differences.
So the first 2 tables would have to fit in 1 view where I can then use the difference option from the view itself. Or a workaround to do something like that.

As soon as I got it working for the first view I should be able to get the rest done aswell.


Hi Marco,

This is useful, although still not totally clear. You have a category on the left, then that same category + another 2 on the right.

Is this an accident or you wish to compare A with A+B+C? The difference is clearly 'non-A', which you can achieve by using Query and Inverted Query, so you can see selected Vs the rest of the universe (or intersected with filtering).

You could also use an editable table, to indicate what categories fall into one basket, what into the other, then allow the Pivot table with difference to calculate absolute and % difference.

Hi Paola,

The idea is that the client can make any selection from A and B and compare them. This data sample is only 3 locationnumbers but it will be 100+ when we go live with it.

Alexander has already taken a look into it this morning but the main thing that we miss is that for making a comparison (with the option to select any of the locations on both sides) we need the data to be in 1 source but we can not figure this out/get this to work.

So we would want to go to one table instead of 2 and have selection A with a value / selection B  and then the difference. Where A and B are chosen by the client. Whetere is 1 location vs 3 or 24 vs 60 etc.

Kind regards,

In addition to Marco's reaction, as a reply to the question of Paola. 

We would like to compare (and calculate differences) two dynamic queries looking at the same datasource. 

So we can compare A to B

But also A to A+B

Or even C to A+B

Hi Marco,

Saw this earlier and had a small thought about it, which may or may not work, dependant on your circumstances. Please bear in mind i don't work for visokio....Just had an idea that might help.

If you know the aggregations you need to make could you join the data sources in the 'sources' menu? then add the difference formulae you need with a 'formulas' block? See below....


I put it together using the bond prices demo data.....the (very) basic output is below...


Hopefully that all makes sense......Might not be helpful, but I thought I would give it a go!

Good Luck,

Steve R

Hi Steve, 

I like the way you think, I try some new ideas that you have inspired us with. 


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