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Posted 10 months ago by Marco van den Berg

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Marco van den Berg


I am looking for a way to get a view to better fit the screen. We are giving a client comparing options but for the top view I have added a minimum range of 3500 but the view below has a bigger difference in data so I can not set a static minimum range. Because of the difference between the start/end values and all the values in between I am aware that the view makes the middle bars very small but I would like to know if there is any way to get some more view in so that they can actually read the values.

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Marco van den Berg posted 10 months ago

Hi Paola,

Thank you for the reply.
I totally forgot about moving the first bar. This should do the trick for now!

Thanks again,


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Paola Tomei posted 10 months ago Admin

Hi Marco,

Your first bar dwarfs the other bars, because the value is significantly higher... The way to shed more light into the smaller values would be to add another chart next to the Waterfall (e.g. Bar chart, as it will show +/- values), so it will respond to selection or move/keep action. 

You can also demonstrate to the users how to use move/keep action in this chart, as they will be able to exclude the first bar, and see better the smaller bars and the contribution they are making to the total...

Hope it helps!

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