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Rajvinder Sembhi

Hi there,

I’m trying to create a new field in my workflow which will show the month start date based on the date field which already exists in my table, so that I can calculate Month-To-Date metrics.

So for instance, if a record has a date for 29th August 2023, then the month start date would be 1st August 2023.

I want to use this month start date field so that I can use it to calculate the days from a current date since the start of the month and then work out, for instance MTTR and SLA days since the start of the month. 

I have a table view in my dashboard to represent the values per KPI and wanted to create a formula in each table cell to calculate these specific Month-To-Date metrics mentioned above. The dashboard is set to refresh every day.

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Rajvinder Sembhi posted 10 months ago

Thank you Paola, 

That works perfectly for me :)

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Paola Tomei posted 10 months ago Admin

Hi Rajvinder,

Thanks for posting. There are several ways to achieve this in Omniscope.  

You can create a formula field ( format it as date, and pick dd MM format under 3 dots)


DATEUNIT([Date], "year"),

DATEUNIT([Date], "month"),


We also have LASTDAYOFMONTH([Date]).

For more date and other functions see our interactive guide.

Hope this helps!

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