Project write-protection

Modified on Mon, 29 Mar, 2021 at 10:52 AM

Omniscope projects (a workflow and its reports) can be write-protected to protect against accidental edits. To write-protect your project, click on three dots (top right-hander corner), and then click "Lock".


This is much like using the write-protect slider on a memory card:

For those of us showing our age, it's also like the write-protect tab on a tape cassette.

This is to avoid accidentally deleting or overwriting something important - your wedding photos; your favourite mixtape; or, in our case, a workflow or report you've spent a long time perfecting.

We've made it even better, though. Imagine if you tried to format your memory card and your camera suddenly said to you: "Hey schmuck, these are your wedding photos!"  As such, in the Reason field, you can add an optional message which reminds you/others why you locked the project.

Please note, this is not there for security. If someone isn't allowed to edit your project, you should use permissions to enforce that. This is about preventing accidental edits amongst trusted editors. Another permissioned editor can still choose to read your message, ignore it, *remove write protection* and mess up your project. 

Much as your best friend could sellotape over the write-protect tab of the cassette, and record over your favourite mixtape. Be careful who you trust!

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