Optimise Omniscope dashboards for mobile devices: different layouts - one url

Modified on Tue, 13 Sep 2022 at 04:00 PM

Omniscope allows you to build a report targeting the look and feel and experience on any device, by creating multiple layouts.

You can customise the page size, the aspect ratio, and even which view to show depending on the device screen size, adding an unlimited number of layouts. Omniscope will automatically pick the closest layout when the report user opens the link in their browser.

Click on the Device button in the Report toolbar when in Explore or Design mode. You will be able to pick and add a new layout at a particular predefined or customised screen resolution.

When in Present mode you will be able to quickly preview how the report will look on different screens by using the blue slider.

Once a new device layout has been added you can resize and fit the charts accordingly. By default, the layout will be fixed size allowing you to customise view size and layout to pixel accuracy. 

When opening the report on different devices, Omniscope will choose the layout that most closely resembles the device it is opened on. We recommend configuring 3 layouts to cover most devices: Generic Desktop, Tablet landscape and Phone portrait. You can also choose to create as many layouts as you like, allowing full customisation for any screen size. 

Views on one layout may be removed to create space; for instance on the phone layout the filter may be removed to show the graph views. Any views that are removed can be found in the “blue +” menu, allowing more freedom while editing. 

The first 5 charts on the menu below are items removed from one of the layouts. They can be added back in the same layout or reused in another.

Filter button in the top right corner is also useful when economising with the screen space - it allows the designer to add a filter that disappears when not in use. Filters can be removed completely, and then they will become available from the chart library menu, as below.

When in Present/Design/Explore mode you will be able to quickly preview how the report will look on different screens by using the blue slider. Yellow highlighted dots represent the existing layouts, and layouts can be removed/ edited to a specific pixel requirement within the same dropdown.

You can see here an example report, customised for different screen sizes.

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