Report Repair Dialogue - Instant Report Help and Diagnostics

Modified on Mon, 6 Feb, 2023 at 3:32 PM

If you are updating your reports with new data on a regular basis there is a chance that at some point the input data will contain mis-formatted fields or have some fields missing altogether.  Similarly, you may wish to use a report template with a fresh dataset (any Report block can be bookmarked and reused in multiple projects), in which case the schema mismatches between the 'expected fields' and your dataset can occur. 

The first scenario is best handled by the "Validate data" block in your workflow (checking simultaneously the data schema, cell values and record count; generating instantly a diagnostics report). 

However in both situations you may rely on the new report-level data repair dialogue to point you towards the things you need to fix to enable the visuals to work as designed.

The dialogue can do multiple things:

  • Point you to the missing fields and allow you to pick replacements (available fields with the same format)
  • Alert you to the fields that are present, but are not formatted correctly (you can click on the link or jump to the workflow to fix in a Field Organiser block).
  • Data lineage: you will be able to observe where the field in question is used - in which chart setting and on what tab, so you can decide whether you wish to remove the chart itself.

The requirements can vary - some new mappings will work, while some repairs will be done in the workflow. 

That's why you will have a choice to apply the repairs on a per field basis.

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