What If Analysis - Appending Results of 2 Independent Filter Devices

Modified on Thu, 18 May 2023 at 04:03 PM

In this demo, we are performing a "what-if analysis" where the company is considering which products to keep in their range. We are connecting a data source to our report and enabling two separate sets of filters to produce different data subsets. These subsets are then appended and the results are compared in the same table.

We are utilising the report's Data Sources (Data Model) to store the results of two queries, dynamically calculate the product margin, and facilitate the append operation.


Inside the workflow - the same data source is connected twice to the Report block, then in the Data Sources (Data Model) we created the third derived datas source, which firstly exposes the data to filtering via the Query block, before appending 2 independent subsets. 

Note: in the Devices menu you will have filter choices belonging to the three data sources:

- Original 1

- Original 2 (twice connected workflow data source)

- Derived data source, created in the Data Model area

In order to facilitate this analysis scenario you need to expose the field filters that belong to the first two sources. Exposing the resulting dataset sources will have an effect on the result, but not on the flow of data into the append mechanism.


The final results can be visualised in different ways - the Pivot, Bar and other charts, to allow the report viewer to explore different 'what if' options and observe the instant effect of those decisions.

A demo file is attached here, so you can see how the Data Model works behind the scenes.

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