Visualise YoY MoM WoW differences without any calculations

Modified on Mon, 12 Jun 2023 at 03:21 PM

With the introduction of the new Named Grouping feature (see this article), it is easy to configure the report visualizations to create dynamic % calculations and visualize the changes.

It is also possible to give the viewer the choice to select the interval size and understand what WoW (week-on-week), MoM (month-on-month), yearly YoY, daily, or quarterly changes are.

There is also an option to add a measure choice, so the user can also move between different comparison KPIs  metrics.

In this demo - we will keep it simple and configure just the interval switch.

  • In the Report's Data Model (Data Sources button) - go to the Groupings tab.
  • Add a Grouping Choice.
  • Select your date field and create multiple intervals: on the pill drop-down button pick an interval size (day, week, month, quarter, year) and add all the choices relevant for the report

  • Add a Bar view and select the Grouping as a Split axis choice.
  • Select a measure in the usual way, by dragging the measure field to the measure 'shelf' or by picking  a field from the drop-down (here [Gross Revenue]).
  • From the Bar Label menu - pick the option to show difference (either the value or % change)
  • Devices view - select the field filters in the usual way and make sure to expose those named Groupings and Measure choices that will be relevant for your viewer's interaction.

Optional: Adding a Pivot view can complement the Bar visualisation - it also supports Named Grouping and Measures as split and value fields and creates a responsive crosstable.

Add a Pivot Differences row or column, optionally with a total row/column as well, in case you are showing an additional split (here, shop [Type]).

The Date Grouping provides four interval choices that instantly update the Bar and Pivot differences calculation.

You can download the IOZ demo file below and take a look at the settings.

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