Custom Ordering and Organizing Tiles/Panes Based on Measure Values

Modified on Wed, 18 Oct, 2023 at 4:59 PM

In the context of data visualisation and analysis, a recent Omniscope capability allows the users to customise the display by creating a custom order for tiles or panes according to the value of a selected measure. 

This measure could be derived from a measure field or a user-defined dynamic formula, or a text field (in which case sort operation will order the values in alphabetic order).

Suppose you're aiming to present sales data categorised by brand. To ensure that the order isn't merely alphabetical, or based on the brand's appearance sequence in the dataset, an alternative approach can be adopted. This entails choosing to display the brand names and their corresponding charts in a manner that prioritises showcasing the top-selling brands initially.

Implementation :

  • From the relevant chart - navigate to the "Pane" menu
  • From the Sort option select the preferred sort order.
  • choose a Measure field and a corresponding aggregation function (such as sum, mean, max, etc.) to formulate the basis for the customised ordering process. Note that for certain charts, the view's measurement may already be defined. In such cases, this option can be utilised to override the predefined sorting order.

Advanced Application: Multi-Pane KPI View

Extending this principle to the Content view can lead to the creation of a multi-pane Key Performance Indicator (KPI) view. This view can efficiently portray multiple metrics side by-side, arranged based on the user-defined order and the selected measure's values. 

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