Omniscope Evo: Colour Palettes and Data Colouring Options

Modified on Mon, 05 Feb 2024 at 02:19 PM

Omniscope users can colour their report data using a choice of colour palettes and give a nice final touch to their presentations.

If you prefer to watch a video, here's an explainer:

There are several ways to select a colouring schema that will affect all category or all date/ numeric fields, also to make adjustments on an individual field or data value level.  Once the choice is made, the user can 'freeze' the settings or share the value-colour combinations across different reports, to ensure consistent appearance.

On the Report's Data tab every field has a 3 dot menu that displays all the field values and their allocated colours/shapes.

This is a central point from which the user can manage the value order, colours and shapes, in particular:

- 'shuffle colours' to get a different mix of hues from the same palette, 

- click on the colour square next to any value to pick a different colour

- freeze the colour settings, so they are not affected by the subsequent palette changes (or colour range)

- add a custom data value and allocate the colour

From this menu the user can switch to  Report settings > Styles section to make changes that will affect all fields.

Note: Every colour square in Omniscope style menus allows the user to either manually point and click on the colour spectrum, or to enter the exact hexadecimal or RGB value in the menu boxes, as above.

Omniscope can also recognise that a data value e.g. "blue", "red", "green", "black" represents a colour, and can be used as colour in visualisations. 

In the Data tab > Field settings area it is also possible to copy/ paste the specific value/colour combination between different fields (that contain the same values), or even reports in the same or different project - no need to do this manual allocation again! The reset button (shaded in the screenshot above) can be used to reset any changes and to return to default.

Data colours section in the Report Styles (image below) will define the colouring range for all numeric and date fields in the report.

In the screenshot below the 'range start colour' is navy (low values) and the 'range end colour' is amber (high values). In this menu the user can pick different colours, also add the middle colour in this range.

Category Colours and shapes section offers options to change the palette (see image with choices) or colour/shape assignment methods that will be applied to text fields.

- "Add colour" option can expand to add more colours to the chosen palette

- "Edit colours" can make changes to the existing value/colour combination,

- "Delete all" will remove all colours from the list.

- "Common values" section (below the values list) is an option that will allow the user to assign a specific colour to a value, which will be applied across the report, regardless of where that value appears (e.g. the value "Coke" is always red and "Pepsi" is always blue, regardless of the palette or the field).

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