Advanced Table Exploration Tools: Data Preview Tab and Report Table

Modified on Fri, 16 Feb 2024 at 05:31 PM

We have introduced new enhancements to improve the data exploration and discovery process for both data analysts and report viewers. The latest update integrates advanced table exploration tools seamlessly within each block of the workflow. 

This integration empowers the user who is building the data pipeline to delve into the evolving results at every stage of the transformation journey. 

Similarly, report viewers can leverage these tools while examining the Table view within the dashboard.

Field Picker and Search commands supplement the existing field value distribution chart, providing users with a more refined exploration experience. 

Search Functionality 

With the inclusion of the Search feature, users can now scan cell contents and locate specific strings across all text fields. It is important to note that the search function is only applicable to visible fields, with any hidden field values excluded from the search results.

The search instantly shows the number of matches and keeps all the records that match the criteria (106 records in the example above). Reset button in the search box will bring all the values back.

If some fields are not wide enough to display the text - the viewer has the option to move the column header sliders and make the column wider.

Field Picker Functionality

The Field Picker enables users to limit the displayed fields in the preview, allowing them to concentrate on the specific dimensions relevant to their use case. Notably, any changes made using the Field Picker persist even when the block or table is closed and reopened. However, these modifications are visible only to the user on their version of the project and remain hidden from collaborators, even if they are working on the same project.

It is also useful to point out that this display choice is not affecting the block's output - if the analyst wanted to limit the output to three fields they would need use Field Organiser (or Field Filter) block options.

In the example below, while configuring the Field Organiser block options, we decide to explore the data in just three fields in our dataset.

The Reset button serves as a quick solution to cancel any changes made using the Field Picker or Search commands, restoring the original display of all the fields within the table. 

Improve your Report Viewer's Experience

The report creator can grant the viewer access to these table exploration tools by selecting the appropriate options in the Table > Viewer Tools section, as shown in the screenshot below.

Create a real self-service data explorer experience for your dashboard consumers!

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