Running a scheduler from outside EVO without using the Watch Folder

Posted about 2 years ago by Marco van den Berg

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Marco van den Berg


We would like to know if there is a possibility to start EVO scheduler runs without using the scheduler or the Watch Folder.
Colleagues are working via Python and the part to place XML's into the Watch Folder to trigger the scheduler task is instable.

They would like to know if for example they could start the scheduler via a url instead of using the Watch Folder. Something like http://      /Task/Run 

If you need any more information please let us know,

Kind regards,

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Antonio Poggi

Antonio Poggi posted 3 months ago Admin

We now have also the Scheduler API to execute new or pre-existing tasks in the Scheduler

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Steve Spencer

Steve Spencer posted about 2 years ago Admin

We don't yet have an API specifically for the scheduler, other than using the watch folder. How is it unstable?

You can however use an API to trigger workflow execution:

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