You may be looking at some advertising data and wish to compare performance of different campaigns, or are comparing sales figures of shops in an area. You can incorporate web content into your presentation and make it appear when you interact with the report data.

Here is an example of how to achieve that. Prepare your data and feed it into a blue Report block, then add your charts.  Web view is one of our 'community views', so first thing to do would be to search for it and click on the 'download' option. It will take few seconds and then you will be able to add a Web view in the same way as other charts/devices to your report.

Default setup has a Formula measure as the pill in the Web view >Settings. 

In order to configure the logic (which url is displayed, depending on the user choices) - click on the pill , on the drop-down arrow, to add a formula with urls and rules to drive the display behaviour. 

Here is one example:





Filtering on the field [Source] will show the related website, while selection of every marker on the Scatter will display a relevant website in the Web window. Considering the Web view can show only one website at a time, SUBSET_SINGLETON is a good choice. Leaving the choice for 'other' in the IF statement will make sure something always appears in this space, when no choice/selection was made.

You can also have just one url always shown in this window, e.g. your company's website. In that case the formula will be 

just your url surrounded by the quotation marks. 


Note. Not all websites will allow their content to be accessed/displayed by the 3rd party applications in this fashion, so it is worth testing your choices to make sure they all appear when selected.